Will the Slayer join the Slayers?

 What's In Store for Dominic the Vampire Slayer?

 Dominic Garcia, Slayer and Author, plans on a second DTVS book. The book will discuss what life is like after Chosen. Since so many people were left with nothing. The only other book that showed the best guestament was The Queen of Slayers. So Dominic will be finding out what he has missed. And that there is always a new evil to over come. But is Angel or Buffy more important. As Dominic befriends the ensouled vampire, he wants to help save Los Angeles. But Buffy is calling him to help her. Will Dominic be able to choose?

 Based off the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the novel Dominic the Vampire Slayer, Dominic learns what's right. And how to be the Slayer. How to fight the physical and the mental demons. And maybe a couple of his Slayer sisters. Slaying in bookstores November 2009.