Slaying with the Male Slayer

 The life of Dominic Garcia has been normal up until the summer of 2003. He had just finished his horrid school year of seventh grade. He was so excited. He was going to have the best summer ever to forget about the ever so crappy school year. Little did he know that something big was coming. The end of the world. The apocalypse. But before we continue on with Dominic and his story we must first go back in time. Buffy Summers had just made her way to the top of the wobbly tower that Glory's mindless slaves built. She caught her sisters eyes and ran up to her. She gave her sister Dawn a goodbye kiss, and plunged into the portal to save the world. Thus the Slayer is dead. Or is she? Buffy's friends ressurected her. And that caused an imbalance in the Slayer line. Thus causing the source for another Slayer to be called. All these events are all canonical to Buffyverse. But here's where things take a turn. Two years later in the end of May, Dominic Garcia was called to be the Slayer. He was reconized as a Slayer and was chosen a Watcher. Before his Watcher came, he journeyed to Sunnydale, California to meet the Slayers.  He faught off Tourk-han vampires at the Hellmouth in the park. Dominic has a cousin named Cameron. She was a potential Slayer. And durning this time, it was very dangerous to be a potenital and her Watcher. Cameron was one of those thousands of other girls that didn't know of her destiny. Bringers attacked her house and killer her parents. She escaped with her baby brother and made way to her Uncle Bill's house.

 Buffy came to collect the little potential. She promised Dominic that his time would come. It was all to soon. Amie Carroll was sent to Dominic. He was excited. Amie taught him fighting techniques, Slayer History, Demon History, and of course, Kansas City History. The Vampire Slayer has to know everything about his enviroment. He patrolled and killed vampires. Amie knew his time had come. She sent him to Sunnydale to fight with Buffy Summers. Amie had lied to Dominic. She wasn't a Watcher anymore. The Watchers Council had been destroyed two weeks ago. The day she met Dominic. Bill and Amie kept this little sercet to themselves so that Dominic could be properly trained.

 Dominic arrived in Sunnydale and helped the gang get ready for the coming Apocalypse. Alot had happend since he had first been to Sunnydale. The town was vacant. And a bunch of super hot girls were living in Buffy's living room. The day came all to fast. Pretty soon Dominic found himself standing at the mouth of hell with his little cousin getting ready to fight a powerful army of Turok-han vampires. Just before Buffy decided to get the hell out of there, Dominic vanished. The Hellmouth was destroyed. Dominic had been transported to the Powers that Be. They offered to rid him of his Slayer powers. He wanted to be different. To have a purpose. To be somebody that matter to the world. He chose to keep his power. When he arrived back to his hometown, a week had gone by. When Buffy had wondered where he was, she just assumed that he was dead. And so did everyone else. Dominic went patrolling one night after he got back. Amie, hearing of his safe arrival, decided to see if he still remembered what she taught him. 2 seconds it took him to fire the crossbow. Vampire was no more. Amie approched Dominic and asked him what was he gonna do? He needed to slay. After all he was a Slayer.

  The next day Dominic talked to his friends who were more than happy to see him. He wondered what Buffy would say. Amie made Dominic go see Buffy. Buffy was super happy to see him. He told her what had happened. She was mad that he chose to keep this power. But wanted him on her side. She stationed him to guard the KC Hellmouth and send her new Slayers. He agreed. Cameron came back to KC with Dominic.