Where are We?

 Locations in DTVS

Kansas City

  The city of Kansas City is located in two states. One in Kansas and one in Missouri. The Kansas City in the book is unspecified. But where the Hellmouth is located is under Loose Park. A familiar real life park in Kansas City, Missouri. So thats where the location is. Dominic's hometown is Overland Park. That's a real city in Kansas. He is first seen there but he trains, slays, and saves in KC.

Loose Park- A famiy-funfilled park by day. Demon spawny and vampy at night. A Hellmouth is located underneath the park. Making it the worst place to be after dark.

Bill's Flat- Bill's Flat is equipped with a training center and a den with books. And apparently three bedrooms.

Amie's House- Amie's Crib is equipped with a training center, a library, and 2 bedrooms that we know of. She may live close to a cemetary.


 Just from watching Buffy you already know what locations there are. Buffy's House is the most popular location in the book and in the show. Buffy meets Dominic there and he returns there. Of course Sunnydale ahs it's own Sunnnydale Hellmouth. The most popular Hellmouth in the show.

Buffy's House: Buffy, her friends, and the potentials all stay at her house. It's equipped with3 rooms and a basement used for training.

Sunnydale High School: Reborn Hellmouth High. Buffy and her gang of friends and Potentials battle undermeath in the Hellmouth. The High School and the Hellmouth were both destroyed along with everything else when it caved in.