Dominic: Pre Slayer

  Dominic Garcia was born in the fall month November on the 4, 1989. He grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and attended Overland Park Elementary. His parents were Debbie Garcia and Anthony Garcia. He had one brother, RJ. His parents got a divorce. And Dominic moved into a new house. His dad met Brandie. And they got engaged and had a baby named David. Dominic had tons of friends. He had two main bestfriends. John and Matt. They hung out at the movies. After Dominic was called to be the next Chosen One, his parents got father and farther away from him.

  Dominic continues to play the role of Vampire Slayer, but no mention of his parents are made. At least for now. Dominic Garcia, the Author, plans on having Dominic's parents act on his slaying. With the normal questions like, "Where have you been?" and "Why is there stakes in your backpack?" Just like Joyce and Buffy's relationship before her mom found out about her being the Slayer. Dominic's parents WILL grow on his destiny. Maybe he'll tell him. Or maybe they'll find out in a last minute stance like Buffy's Mom did.

  For the most part Cameron and Bill are the only family that know that he is a Slayer.