Characters in DTVS

 Main Characters

Buffy Summers: Dominic's best Slayer friend. Guarder of the Sunnydale hellmouth. Buffy and Willow change the mystical rules that govern the Slayer Line.

Dominic Garcia: Junior High Student. Cousin is a Potential Slayer. Guarder of the Kansas City Hellmouth. The first male Slayer in history.

Amie Carroll: Dominic's British Watcher from England. Trains and prepares Dominic for the battle in Sunnydale. Still Watcher of Dominic after the fall of the Coucnil. Still is unknown if she rejoined the Watchers Council under the controll of Rupert Giles.

Faith Lehane: The Slayer before Dominic. Fights primal vamps with Dominic at the Hellmouth in KC. Funny and funfilled Slayer friend of Dominic's.

Cameron Garcia: The Slayer's Slayer Cousin. Bringers killed family before she was called. Rescued by Buffy Summers. Trained in Sunnydale.

Bill Tehel: Watchers Council representitive. Dominic's uncle and unofficial Watcher of Dominic before Amie Carroll. Guardian of Cameron and Matt after their parents die.

Matt Conaway: Bestfriend of the Slayer. Fights demons and is skilled in stake widdling.

John Bellau: Bestfriend of the Slayer. Some could say he is a little Wesley. Screams and runs like a girl.


 Minor Characters

Anthony garcia: Dominic's dad.

Brandie Garcia: Dominic's step mom.

Willow Rosenburg: Wiccan that activates every living Potential Slayer on Earth. Buffy's bestfriend.

Xander Harris: Buffy's Bestfriend with an eye patch.

Turok-han: The vampires that vampires are afraid of. First race of vampires.

Vi: Slayer called during "Chosen."

Rona: Slayer called during "Chosen."

Caleb: Woman hating preahcer. Split in half by Buffy Summers.

Angel: Buffy's hear throb during High School. Vampire with a soul.

Spike: Buffy's ex boyfriend. Vampire with a soul.